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Abuse Treatment

3 Phases of Substance Abuse Treatment


Addiction is stressful, problematic, and destructive, affecting not only those that have it, but also those that are near and dear to that individual. If you know someone who is struggling with drug or substance addiction, you've probably tried everything to get them to stop. Unfortunately, self-efforts aren't always effective because of the crippling and encompassing nature of substance abuse. The best way to resolve the matter would be to go through substance abuse treatment to properly and safely wean the person off of the substance and guide them back into the mainstream. There are three phases to the substance abuse treatment program, and here we outline them to give you a better understanding.


1.            Admitting the Problem - Someone who doesn't admit they have an addiction or dependence will always be unwilling to go through the substance abuse treatment process from Drug Rehab in Dallas. If an individual refuses to believe that there is a problem, they will not see or understand the purpose of doing anything that the process entails, and thus makes all effort fall short of expectations. The first step to the substance abuse treatment process is admitting that there is an addiction. In doing this, the person accommodates the need for treatment and thus goes through the process without contradicting it.


2.            Professionally Guided Detox - For chronic or heavy substance abusers, it can be life threatening to go through the detox process. that's because substance abuse develops a dependence, making the body feel a need that shouldn't really exist. Suddenly removing it from the system or depriving the body of it is similar to holding one's breath - keeping essential air from the system, making it difficult to survive. It's important that detox is performed in a stable and controlled environment by professionals who can properly wean the body off of the substance and ensure the safety of the individual undergoing the cleanse.


3.            Rehabilitation - There have been some negative thoughts surrounding the word "rehabilitation" because of the image that the media has bestowed upon it, but it's not necessarily what we perceive. Rehabilitation basically means re-teaching or re-learning lost skills. When you have a substance dependence, you might lose your motivation, your will to socialize, or your ability to sustain yourself and live independently. Through Dallas Alcohol Rehab, the affected individual is reawakened to the importance of healthy living, to the process of finding and keeping a job, and to the proper way of handling relationship so they can live life fully and happily.